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Filter units

We are now living in an age where single-use (also referred to as disposable) devices are gaining more and more influence on modern biotechnological processes. Driven by expanding healthcare needs and cost pressure on the biopharmaceutical industry, bags for medium hold and storage, single-use mixers, pumps, couplers, valves, membrane adsorbers, centrifuges, depth filter systems and even bioreactors increasingly displace their reusable counterparts. This concerns R&D, pre- and clinical sample production and first commercial biomanufacturing processes.

Following this international development, the participants of the conference will receive an up-to-date overview of obtainable single-use devices and the facility design based on their usage. The program includes talks on the first day and networking as well as workshops on the second. These workshops will enable participants to become familiar with common and new disposable equipment produced by companies with leading market positions.

In the conference three main topics are focused on:

  • Integration of disposable devices in biopharmaceutical manufacturing
  • New disposable technology for biopharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • Networking and technical platform for single-use component manufacturers, systems integrators, contract manufacturers, end-use biopharmaceutical researchers, makers and regulators

Target participants are those using or planning to use disposables in industry and R&D, process engineers from the pharmaceutical industry and related sectors, specialists in apparatus engineering and facility design, and finally students in the field of biotechnology and pharmacy. By taking part in the conference, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the potential and existing limitations of disposables. In addition, current and apparent trends are presented and discussed. 

We would like to give attention to post-conference workshops which will be organized by interested companies and will take place on Wednesday, 09 June 2010.

For those participants particularly interest in disposable sensor technology we recommend the 15. Heiligenstädter Kolloquium in Heilbad Heiligenstadt (Germany) on 27-29 September 2010 in addition to Biotech 2010 that the sessions about disposable sensor technology will be realized in cooperation with our institute. 

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Considering the high demand, the conference dinner had to be relocated.

New location:
Building C, Campus Gruental

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